Legend Oil ZX-2SR 2takts olja 4 liter

Legend Oil ZX-2SR 2takts olja 4 liter

an advanced ultra-high performance racing 2-cycle lubricant. Specially formulated for oil injection systems or pre-mix applications at a 50:1 ratio.
ZX-2SR is the acknowledged leader in hybrid lubricant technology. ZX-2SRexceeds API TC, ISO-L-EGD and JASO FC+ specifications.
ZX-2SR is a blend of the finest mineral base stocks “chemically infused” with nano-molecular additive technology.
ZX-2SR is a “balanced” hybrid racing formulation containing select chemical components designed to outperform the most expensive synthetics.
Extensive laboratory and race track testing has proven ZX-2SR to provide maximum engine protection regardless of temperature or rpm.

ZX-2SR with “C.B.T.” Clean Burn Technology provides complete combustion leaving virtually no exhaust valve residue. Engines remain internally clean and produce maximum power output due to ZX-2SR's advanced chemistry profile. ZX-2SR provides the ultimate protection against piston seizure, premature wear, power valve sticking and corrosion utilizing superior proprietary additives.

Compatible with all mineral or synthetic-blend oils. ZX-2SR is 100% smokeless (post-warm-up) and exceeds all manufacture warranty requirements for snowmobiles, personal watercraft, marine/outboards, motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles specifying a API TC, TC-W3, JASO FC+ or ISO-L-EGD two-cycle lubricant. ZX-2SR was developed to exceed the stringent 2006 and newer engine manufactures specifications for detergency and deposits.

Highly recommended for all variable exhaust valve engines in recreational or race applications.

Continued use of LEGEND ZX-2SR:

  • Eliminates plug fouling, carbon deposits and ring sticking due to ZX-2SR's ashless polymeric formulation
  • Extends engine life and provides maximum protection regardless of temperature or rpm
  • Maintains power valve cleanliness and free valve movement reducing maintenance intervals
  • Dramatically improves idle quality and throttle response
  • Compatible with all mineral or synthetic blend oils
  • 100% smokeless, distinctive “Racing Castor” scent
  • Outperforms modern synthetics with “C.B.T”- Clean Burn Technology
  • Tested to -50 degrees below zero (F)

Use ZX-2SR where maximum engine protection, cleanliness and performance are vital!!

Artikelnummer ZX-2SR
Passar till: Arctic Cat, Lynx, Polaris, Ski-Doo, Yamaha