Skinz "CONCEPT" Performance A -Arm Kit 39", Yamaha Nytro

Skinz "CONCEPT" Performance A -Arm Kit 39", Yamaha Nytro

10 995,00 kr

OBS inga dämpare ingår, Dämparna måste ha ledlager för att funka

SPG is now offering the “Concept” high performance front suspension for the Nytro. This front suspension repositions the spindle 4.5” forward along with an increase in caster which addresses many of the handling problems associated with the Nytro. This front suspension significantly improves trail handling and reduces or eliminates the erratic behavior of the Nytro. It enables the Nytro MTX to perform and function as a technical riding machine in the mountains allowing the rider to experience technical side hilling, off camber maneuverability, downhill to unphill turns, etc.. The kits will be available in 39” widths for the mountain models and 42” width for the trail/crossover models.

Each Kit includes (Upper & Lower A-Arms, Steering Rods, Hardware, Bushings)

OBS För Nytro med Gen1 framvagn(RTX 2008,2009,MTX 2008,2009) behövs även en bussning till övre a-armarna Finns nedan



Artikelnummer YNAA600-FBK
Varumärken Skinz
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