Composit Tracks Talon M66 146*15 Pitch 2,86" Centerhål

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Talon M 66.6 is a rigid mountain track with Pop-up effect due to flexible central grousers pushing the snowmobile out of snow. Snowmobile on Talon M 66.6 mountain track is able to take out of deep snow and climb to the steepest peak. The track is suitable for riding on snow cover of different depth and density. Open up new possibilities of your snowmobile - first-class handling - whether quick descents and surges or traverse movement, it will be appreciated by beginner-riders and experienced boondockers.

All mountain peaks will be conquered with Talon M 66.6!

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Artikelnummer FH01010
Varumärken Composit Tracks
Längd 146"
Bredd 15"
Delning 2.86"
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