Durapro Magnetic Tether (nödstopp) Polaris 850/650

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Inför säsongen 2020/2021 släppte DuraPro sin nya produkt DuraPro Magnetic Tether.
Den är helt magnetisk, dvs den hålls fast endast av magneter. När magneterna släpper bryts strömmen och skotern/fordonet stängs av. Den är testad av bl.a Chris Burandt, Dan Adams och Matt Entz samt i svenska förhållanden, med imponerande recensioner.

”This product is one of the first thing I will put on to my Polaris”
”The magnetic tether is a super good improvement on all other tethers I've tried”
”Its effortless to attach and re attach after a whoopsie”

- Polaris 850 and 650 Patriot engine snowmobiles with INCLUDED plug & play connector

- Adaptable to any snowmobile, ATV or motorcycle with a normally open electrical system

- Extremely low profile base unit won't catch clothing, gloves, etc. and is specifically designed with the cap to
push snow out of the way when re-attaching.
- If for some reason a rider were to ever lose their coil / cap in the field, the base unit can be switched on with
any decent size piece of ferrous metal (e.g. fork, pocket knife, lip balm tin, etc).
- Installs on the machine cowl through a 1" / 25mm drilled hole or can also be mounted with the DuraPro
Handle Bar Mount (to be later released).
- High-strength anodized, aluminum nut will not strip out like plastic nuts. Tightens easily and stays tight.

- The 25" long cable lead with Deutsch style overmolded connector accepts several styles of DuraPro Adapters
for true plug & play adaptability.
- 100% waterproof and is long enough to accommodate mounting the base unit on the console or handlebars.
Lightweight Cap:
- By attaching magnetically and not mechanically, the tether gives strong and consistent pull strengths
regardless of the angle it is pulled from, weather conditions, or age.
- Cap won't rust, rot, or deteriorate. There are no rubber boots to crack, no plungers to freeze, and no plastic
tabs/feet to break off.
- Cap is specifically designed to not collect and hold snow or ice. Cap is also light weight (good for not being a
"bullet" back at your face when it releases).
- Low profile design and has rounded edges so that it can comfortably be tucked into a pocket or glove while
not in use.
- Doesn't easily attract to unwanted objects, like your handle bars or vehicle door.
- Easy and fast to put the cap back on - great for racing applications, awkward sled positions, youngsters.

- The coil strap has been specially engineered to flex easier and retains it's memory better in extreme weather
conditions. It's less prone to get tangled up too.
- We've utilized a Kevlar core that does not absorb moisture like all other nylon cored coils do.
- Corrosion resistant aluminum and stainless steel carabiner is lightweight yet extremely strong,

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