IceAge Boggieskenor Bomber 146" Polaris Khaos Svart

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Replacement slide rails for your Polaris Axys Pro RMK KHAOS 800 and 850 snowmobile suspension.

Our Khaos rails feature an aggressive bend profile unique to the Khaos RMK. They have an increase bend radius designed to mimic the OEM Khaos rails.
Our Khaos-style rails can be installed on any Axys or ProRide RMK sled,but you must use the your shorter stock length RMK limiter strap.
Using khaos rails with a longer limiter strap and the RMK-length shock will result in damage to the Front Track Shock due to hyperextension.

Installing our Khaos rails by themselves on your Axys RMK will get your RMK around ~1/3 of the way to achieving the playful "Khaos feel"

Designed and machined from 7000 series aluminum with special attention paid to cutout design and location to create a stronger, more durable rail package then OEM.

Classic rails are even lighter than OEM rails while being superior in strength.

Bomber rails have fewer cut outs to create a much stronger, more durable rail that can withstand substantial abuse in the backcountry.

Kit includes:

2 rails
2 hi-fax
2 idler adjuster housings, bolts, and mounting hardware
Iceage decal
***Note*** Rails are cut to accomodate 8" rear idler wheels. Stock Polaris wheels are 7 1/4".
Appropriate wheels are required for proper fit and function.
Do not run the stock wheels on rails configured for larger wheels, damage to your track/rails/wheels may occur!

IceAge boggieskenor till Polaris Khaos 146"

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