Legend Oil ZX-2R 2takts olja 4 liter

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LEGEND ZX-2R is a ultra-premium high performance 2-cycle lubricant specially formulated for the ultimate in engine protection. ZX-2R exceeds NMMA (formerly BIA) TCW3, ISO-L-EGB and JASO FB specifications. ZX-2R is a mineral based, synthetically infused blend of superior chemical components designed to outperform the most expensive synthetics.

ZX-2R is a companion oil to ZX-2, the acknowledged leader in mineral oil technology. is the result of "chemically engineering" all the best features of the ZX-2 formula combined with today's modern advances in additive technology. Extensive testing has proven ZX-2R to provide maximum engine protection regardless of temperature or rpm. Excellent low temperature performance due to ZX-2R's unique ultra pure base oils and proprietary polymeric additives. ZX-2R burns completely leaving no residue on ring lands or cylinder walls. Engines remain internally clean and produce maximum power output due to ZX-2R's ability to burn completely with no post-combustion build-up. ZX-2Rprovides the ultimate protection against piston seizure, premature wear, power valve sticking and rust using advanced additive technology.

LEGEND ZX-2R is designed for oil injection systems or pre-mix at a 50:1 ratio. Compatible with all mineral or synthetic-blend oils. ZX-2R is 100% smokeless and exceeds all manufacture warranty requirements for snowmobiles, watercraft and all-terrain vehicles specifying a TC-W3 lubricant. Highly recommended for all variable exhaust valve engines in trail or race applications.

LEGEND ZX-2R eliminates plug fouling, carbon deposits and ring sticking due to ZX-2R's unique ashless polymeric formulation, extends engine life and provides maximum protection regardless or temperature or rpm, maintains power valve cleanliness and free movement. Compatible with all mineral and synthetic blend oils, tested to -45 degrees below zero (F) 100% smokeless, distinctive "racing castor" scent.

Use ZX-2R where maximum engine protection, cleanliness and performance are vital!!

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Artikelnummer ZX-2R
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Tillverkare Arctic Cat, Lynx, Polaris, Ski-Doo, Yamaha
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