RSI Handtag 7" - Hi Vis

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  • One piece 7" rubber grip.
  • Ultra tacky diamond grip surface is soft and comfortable.
  • Durable rubber compound is compatible with hand warmers.
  • Fits over RSI Tapered and steel handlebar hooks as well as other handlebars that have pre bent hooks.
  • Thinner rubber design provides a smaller round feel when installed onto the handlebar. Great for people who want that smaller feel or for people with smaller hands.
  • Can be cut down for custom lengths. 
  • Works great on stock handlebars or handlebars with short style hooks.
  • We recommend installing grips with our RSI Grip Stay Grip Adhesive for best results.
  • Sold per pair.

NOTE: These 7" long grips will not be long enough if running a RSI long bar hook or when useing hanldebars with pre bent long/90 degree hooks. For these longer hook applications the RSI 8" rubber grips or RSI Grip Wrap grips work better.

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