Skinz Concept A-Arms 37"(Fox Evol R)Polaris Axys Pro RMK

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Passar till 2016- Polaris 37" AXYS PRO-RIDE Chassis

Polaris AXYS ProRide Chassis 2016

37" Concept Front Suspension for the ProRide

  • Narrow width allows for more maneuverability and tighter technical terrain riding.
  • Improved handling Easier to Ride
  • Initiates sidehilling better
  • Keeps the sidehill easier. 


  • Fox Evol R Kashima Shocks
  • Upper Aluminum Boxed A-Arm & Lower Chromolly A-Arm
  • Steering Rods
  • Hardware
  • Bushings
  • Spindles

Note on shocks for the 37″ front end: Due to the new width and geometry of the 37″ concept A-Arms the kit is only sold with shocks.
The length and the valving of the shocks are specked specifically for this front end.

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