Skinz Frontbåge Burandt Polaris Axys Röd

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These bumpers are constructed in the same type of bumper construction you are used to seeing from SPG but with some twists.
In order to lose weight, these bumpers use smaller tubing and machined parts to eliminate material wherever possible.
The impact tubes are drilled, machined, and shortened to still provide a level of protection but mainly focus on weight reduction.
Still maintaining style and good looks, these bumpers use the typical Skinz type of solid installation and packaging you are used to.
If your ambition is lightweight, this is your product.

Polaris Axys 800/850 RMK/Khaos/Switchback 2019-

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Artikelnummer BPFB228-RD
Varumärken Skinz
Tillverkare Polaris
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