Skinz T-Motion Begränsare 4pcs Ski-Doo 2017-

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Passar: Ski Doo med T-motion 2017-

These small turned Delrin parts limit the T-motion movement up to 90%.
For the full on backcountry technical terrain rider who needs their Ski Doo to maintain a solid edge all the time, this is your solution. For some riders, the T-motion can wander a little too much during climbing and technical traversing and steep terrain riding.

These limiters stabilize and settle the T-motion down just enough to create a predictable and dependable attitude when the machine is being pushed to the limits. Very easy to install and no modification is necessary. Turned parts install on each side of the swivel ball. This kit includes 4 sets so you will be able to install new limiters when you notice the parts are starting to wear. Depending on your riding, the limiters will last about 350-500 miles.

This is a very low cost option to fine tune your machines rear suspension for the rider who needs a little more control.

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