SPI Variatorkit 2013-17 Ski-doo XM/Lynx REX2

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Here is a complete clutch kit specifically designed for all the back country and boondocker riders at 0-4500ft that are using their Renegades, Freerides, and Summits for off trail riding. Becoming one of the most popular types of riding in lower elevations, Straightline’s kit takes your long track machine and perfectly dial’s it in for throttle response, instant power, quick backshift and just adding the total enjoyment that the machine was designed to produce.   The machines from the factory are set up to ride from 0-10000ft and installing the clutch kit specifically designed just for the off trail riding will drastically improve your day of riding.

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Artikelnummer 822-121-223
Varumärken SPI
Tillverkare Lynx, Ski-Doo
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