Team Tied Variatorkit BRP 850

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Take your Gen 4 to the next level with a TEAM® Tied Conversion Kit!  Upgrade your sled to the exceptional performance that non-tied clutches cannot deliver.  The Tied Conversion Kit comes with all the parts you need to install the TEAM® Tied Secondary Clutch and the tuning components that will make your machine rip!  We recommend purchasing the our alignment bar (Part #930721) to aid in kit installation.

The 850101 kit includes the following:

·         Hollow Jackshaft

·         TEAM® Tied Secondary Clutch

·         Twin Trax™ Helix

·         Drive Spring

·         Driven Spring

·         Adjustable pDrive Pivot Kit

·         Floater Plug

·         Tool Kit

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Artikelnummer 850101
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Tillverkare Lynx, Ski-Doo
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